Meet Miss Dallas- A Baby Idol

Shelly Sobol Photography was lucky enough to be partnered with 94.9 WTNT for the summer Baby Idol Contest. Listeners were able to upload a photo of their child and the cutest baby with the most votes by the end of the contest won several great prizes including concert and theme park tickets, gifts for the family…and a photo session with me! Miss Dallas beat out all of the other children…and from the adorable photos below it’s easy to see why!
I think Dallas really had fun playing here in the cool water…since it was a hot July 4th! I love how the early morning lighting worked beautifully in the Secret Garden at Maclay Gardens. I do have to thank mother Donna for being clutch in this…holding Dallas back so she didn’t jump all in! Oh the secret of positioning!
I was excited to use my new lens that I got a few months ago…this photo shows the wonderful bokeh (circles of light) and I love her personality here. Her precious little blue eyes were so happy. We found a large clam shell outside of the secret garden that was justtttt big enough to sit Dallas in. Seems to have worked out well.
Can’t decide what I love more here…her adorable preppy pink and green plaid dress…or her intensely colored blue eyes. Dallas decided I was her new friend at this point by holding my hand and pulling me out into the field- how sweet!
We took a few moments to “try” to photograph Donna and Dallas together. “Try” being the operative word…apparently Dallas just thought she was being soooooo funny! To be honest though, I love moments like these the most when things aren’t posed. I love the true candid smiles and laughter here.
Dallas’ adorable, inquisitive nature is so fun to work with…especially at a nice state park like this. She’s so interested in the world around her and everything is new and exciting.
This picture is what I would imagine her face would look like on Christmas morning… I wish I knew how we got her to laugh like that!
Thank you to everyone to submitting photos for 94.9WTNT’s Baby Idol contest this year… I hope to be involved in more contests like that in the future. I had an amazing time meeting Dallas and Donna and looks like I made some new friends!
Think your kid is a Baby Idol? Be sure to contact me at to schedule a session for them… or the whole family!

Amanda & Luke’s Maternity Gift

 In 2003, I walked into my first dorm room at Florida State to meet my random roommate  Amanda! That summer we became lifelong friends. Over the next several years in college we would always meet up to go go to class, go line dancing, talk about our sorority experiences, and life in general. In 2008 she married her best friend Luke, and asked me to be a bridesmaid. I’m so happy I got to share that experience with them! A year a half later we were expecting the birth of beautiful Phoebe Grace (yes, from previous posts!).
I don’t think Luke could be any more excited about his baby girl…he even came up with the name!
A tradition in Luke’s family is to give a $2 bill for all major life events. His grandmother gave one for their wedding and this one for their child. I love that she even wrote a note on it.
For so many months Amanda was extremely ill from the pregnancy. It was wonderful to see her towards the end looking healthy!
I love how Luke’s hands somehow makes Amanda’s belly look so small!
For the always playful couple, the park seemed appropriate!
I guess Manda thought it was playful to be hanging out on the slide…maybe she was right.
Showing some love to baby Phoeb’s
Ironically, the slide was a great way to get Luke to get around Amanda and keep her comfy!
No matter how many kids they have… I’m sure they’ll always be the bigger kids! :)

Bree’s FSU Graduation

I’ve known Bree almost as long as I’ve been in Tallahassee. She has a charismatic, carefree attitude, but above all determination. After several years and different schools, Bree has graduated with her Masters in Social Work from Florida State University.  So proud of what she has accomplished!
This photo always makes me smile…her eyes, Seminole earrings..and golden flowers!
Doak Stadium is one of the most recognizable spots on campus! Bree is always spirited like this!
Another peek by Wescott Foutain…and Bree wearing her graduation garb!
“The half of knowledge is to know where to find knowledge”- Dodd Hall
What guides our every step!
Bree with FSU’s traditional orchid lei at Wescott Fountain.
This sums her up in  nutshell!!! Love it.
She’s such a natural at this!
You’re not a real FSU student if you haven’t climbed in the fountain a time or two… or three!
Bree taking her time down after her celebratory fountain climb! There’s something so pensive about this.
It’s always about the little details!!

Segundo’s Segundo!

In the Spring of 2010 Adrienne, Keith and son James were expecting their second child, Jonathan! As entertaining as it is…Jonathan is the Segundo’s Segundo (Segundo is Spanish for ‘second’). Adrienne was my boss and over time had become a close friend… so my heartfelt gift to them for their baby shower were these portraits. I really enjoyed doing these!
Adrienne met me out at Maclay Gardens early over the weekend. She was excited to show me the adorable butterfly ring her husband had gotten her years ago. She wore it as a surprise to Keith.
Ohhh James! James calls me his ‘girlfriend’ he was pretty embarrassed when he told him to give his mom’s belly a kiss! Such a good big brother though.
The Segundo family are HUGEEE Mets fans…and by family I mean Keith is, therefore Adrienne and James are too! I thought it was a great theme to incorporate throughout the photos.
James…such a momma’s boy!
Sweet family photo by the reflection pond!
James was trying so hard to put his arms around his mom…with less than a month before her due date I don’t think he was able to do this!
Maternity silhouttes are just so beautiful! It’s fun that you actually look for angles making things look bigger!
Adrienne was so relaxed…baby Jonathan…not so much!
Here’s the Mets theme again! The teddy James is holding is her gift to Jonathan! So thoughtful for a family to include.
This always cracks me up!
Maclay is so beautiful this time of year with all the magnolia’s! Walking by the pond casted a perfect shadow on Adrienne’s baby bump! It draws just enough attention.
Adrienne is always so creative and has great ideas! She fell in love with this flower near the pond. There are giant trees with just red flowers, and ones with just white…and in between them are these fantastic hybrid flowers!

Drew & Greg Westling Wedding

I was so tickled last fall when Drew and her sister contacted me about photographing her wedding this past spring. While I nervous as this was my first full on wedding and I had one shot to get everything perfect, I was so excited after meeting the couple and seeing the property that I knew it would be perfect! Drew and Greg are such a precious young couple and it was wonderful to see soo many people out to support them on their big day… in a southern Tallahassee style of course!
While the girls were getting ready, I took their bouquets out…the Mason jars they were sitting in provided a beautiful mix of theme from the wedding and splash of color.
The infamous beer boat the groom and his family worked on. I’ve never heard of these before but after seeing one, I think it’s a must! The grooms love for hunting and fishing is shown in this camo john boat filled to the brim with cold drinks for the guests- complete with decoy ducks and saw grass!
The colors that they picked for the wedding provided such a wonderful contrast…light blue, dark blue and splashes of sunflowers (a personal favorite of mine anyways). The inlaid program was actually a fan with a handle at the end that was placed on every chair…on a late April afternoon this was a genius idea!
This is one of my favorites of the rings…while Drew wore beautiful shoes for the ceremony, she spent most of the day in her comfy cowboy boots!
Sunflowers provide a wonderful flat surface to set items in, and a great way to incorporate their bouquets!
Right before Drew got dressed, her sister and mother surprised her with a locket of ‘Mother Mother’, their grandmother, on her bridal bouquet. The surprise was such a beautiful family moment and a thoughtful way to include someone who couldn’t be there.
The suite inside didn’t provide a nice area to photograph the dress (and the girls were still doing make-up) I took a risky chance and brought everything outside. By risky I mean, I had to grab a stool to stand on the guard rail and pull the dress up and shimmy across until everything was set up. Took some time, but was worth it!
Somer, the brides sister and my personal friend, came in to help Drew get ready. It was a great way to give them a few quiet moment together in private.
While I love this photograph it my be one of the funniest for me…these were all posed since the girls all just had their nails done! I ended up having to button up most of the dress while everyone was laughing in the background for the poor planning.
Once everyone was ready we needed a bridesmaid to set the final touches on a unique bow for the dress.
There they are!!! The fantastic shoes Drew wore!
I surprised Drew with some props since we had talked about her style and personal interest. I found these fantastic ‘old timey’ stickers so I could put her initials and wedding date on her boots. She loves the color splash look as well so I made sure to use the bright sunflower with her a lot.
Drew and Greg made sure to include everyone on their wedding day, including their sweet pup Lucy! The most well behaved dog I’ve seen casually walked around the property with her matching scarf greeting guests with kisses!
Greg’s sisters were so proud of their younger brother that weekend! Both women also had their children as flower girls and ringer bearers!
I love how simple and clean this photo is…Greg with his new father-in-law and dad. They were all so easy going and relaxed all day! Could have been that beer boat.
Best part about being the photographer? Getting that up close view of the groom as the bride finally walks down the aisle!
A quiet confidence from Drew and her father.
I just love the excitement here! You’ll also notice the bride has several rings on… both bride and groom got married with their grandparents wedding rings.
This picture is sweet compared to the one I took seconds later, when Drew and Greg snuck a peek at each other during prayer. Pretty sure I was the only one to see…they were so precious!
Right after the ceremony I walked off with the new Westling’s for some photos… I love how the setting sun accents them from behind. Glad I checked out the property the day before.
Outside Bradley’s Pond near the road, Greg made a sign pointing towards the event. It actually offered a great setting! I love how relaxed they are and look so natural like this.
For some reason I suggested we go into the field behind the fence in the last picture. I didn’t realize the only way to get in was to hike a leg over the fence. In a moment that was true “Drew” she hopped the fence with her wedding dress in hand and did it gracefully! While Greg was still coming over I had a moment with Drew and this beautiful overgrown field. The more the sun went down, the more incredible these photos came out!
There’s something so enchanting about a photo when you catch them a second before a kiss!
This may be one of my favorite photos from the day.. Actually the whole series from this field inspire me so much! It just fit’s the day perfectly.
They look so content and snuggly here…just precious!
During the ceremony we learned that Drew fell in love with Greg after dancing with him…from this I can see why!
Something so southern about sear-sucker and sunflowers!
I brought these as well for them to use… this picture was included with their thank you cards! A fun trend these days!
Drew & Greg, I wish you the best in your future together and hope God blesses you a hundred times over! Thank you for letting me apart of your special beginning!